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Self-esteem, research, children and young people - links from #SHEUres

Links, from #SHEUres, to research about self-esteem, children and young people

SHEU's latest list of Internet links (many to full articles) that is not definitive - please let us know about other links that you think are helpful (links to pdf/full text if available).


Implicit Self-Esteem Decreases in Adolescence
The relationship between self-esteem, social anxiety, body shape concern and BMI among college students
Relationship between Self-concept and Self-esteem in adolescents
Somatic Symptoms During Adolescence: Does Parenting Style Play a Role?
Uptake and adherence of a self-directed internet-based mental health intervention with tailored e-mail reminders in senior high schools in Norway
The Effects of Selected Aerobic Exercise Modalities on Self Esteem among Female Students
A Study of Self Concept and Empowerment of Adolescent Girls
Intrinsic Effects of Physical Activity on Self-Concept and Academic Achievement of Preadolescents 
Parental and Peer Factors Associated with Body Image Discrepancy among Fifth-Grade Boys and Girls
The Impact of self-concept and Self-esteem in Adolescents' Knowledge about HIV/AIDS
It’s Not How Much You Play, but How Much You Enjoy the Game: The Longitudinal Associations Between Adolescents’ Self-Esteem and the Frequency Versus Enjoyment of Involvement in Sports
“That’s Not Just Beautiful—That’s Incredibly Beautiful!” The Adverse Impact of Inflated Praise on Children With Low Self-Esteem
Low and decreasing self-esteem during adolescence predict adult depression two decades later
Body weight has no impact on self-esteem of minority children living in inner city, low-income neighborhoods
Peer acceptance protects global self-esteem from negative effects of low closeness to parents during aAdolescence and early adulthood
Eating behaviours in youths: A comparison between female and male athletes and non-athletes


A cluster randomized controlled trial of the best you can be intervention: effects on the psychological and physical well-being of school children
A Repeated Measures Experiment of Green Exercise to Improve Self-Esteem in UK School Children
A social work study on the effects of self-esteem games on elementary female self-esteem
Attitudes of University Students towards Family Responsibility and Its Relationship to Self-Esteem
Correlates of Self-esteem among Adolescents of Divorced Families
Effect of physical training on anxiety and self-esteem of obese adolescents
Effectiveness of happiness training program on self-esteem and depression of elementary (10-11 year old) school children
Evaluations of Girls on the Run/Girls on Track to Enhance Self-Esteem and Well-Being
Gender difference in pre-adolescents' self-esteem
Handbook of Child Well-Being: Adolescence and Well-Being
In their own words: what bothers children online? with the EU Kids Online Network
Introduction to cyberbullying (Module 2) : New media and cyberbullying: An online course for parents
On feeding those hungry for praise: Person praise backfires in children with low self-esteem
Parenting Styles and its Effects on Adolescents' Self-Esteem
Perception of parental attitudes and the level of female adolescents’ self-esteem affected with anorexia nervosa
Relationship between the parenting styles of overstressed mothers with their children's self-esteem
Schoolchild's self-esteem as a factor influencing motivation to learn
Students’ Use and Perceptions of Social Networking Technologies: Connections to Reading, Reading Ability, and Self-Perception
The effect of the horse on adolescents’ self-efficacy, self esteem and social skills
The effects of basketball training on children’s self-esteem
The Influence of Parent-Child Attachment Relationships and Self-Esteem on Adolescents’ Engagement in Risky Behaviors
The Role of Motor Activity in the Self-Esteem of Primary School Pupils
Using novels for children to combat bullying


Association of Established Smoking Among Adolescents With Timing of Exposure to Smoking Depicted in Movies
Body dissatisfaction and body mass in girls and boys transitioning from early to mid-adolescence: additional role of self-esteem and eating habits
Body esteem in Chinese adolescents: Effect of gender, age, and weight
Cyberbullying: An overrated phenomenon?
Demarketing Teen Tobacco and Alcohol Use: Negative Peer Influence and Longitudinal Roles of Parenting and Self-Esteem
Factors Associated with Low Self-Esteem in Children with Overweight
Importance and usefulness of evaluating self-esteem in children
In schools, self-esteem boosting is losing favor to rigor, finer-tuned praise
Racial and Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Children's Television Use and Self-Esteem
Relation between childhood abuse and self esteem in adolescence
Self-esteem and trait anxiety in girls practicing competitive and recreational gymnastics
Self-esteem, Defensive Strategies and Social Intelligence in the Adolescence
Self-esteem in Iranian university students and its relationship with academic achievement
The family influence on obesity and self-esteem and how obesity and self-esteem influences the family interactions later in life
The relation between peer social status and self-esteem in middle childhood


An analysis of bullying among students within schools: Estimating the effects of individual normative beliefs, self-esteem, and school climate
Implicit Self-Esteem: Nature, Measurement, and a New Way Forward.
Mirror, Mirror on my Facebook Wall: Effects of Exposure to Facebook on Self-Esteem
Perceived Emotional Intelligence, Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction in Adolescents.
Physical self-concept and self-esteem in adolescents and young adults with and without physical disability: The role of sports participation.
Self-Esteem and Use of the Internet among Young School-Age Children.
Self-Esteem Development From Age 14 to 30 Years.
The End of Self-Esteem?
The relationship between stress and self-esteem in student athletes versus non-athletes.
Turkish adolescent health risk behaviors and self-esteem.


The link between body dissatisfaction and self-esteem in adolescents: Similarities across gender, age, weight status, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.
The association between stress and emotional states in adolescents: The role of gender and self-esteem.
Perception of overweight and self-esteem during adolescence.
Socioeconomic status and physical activity among adolescents: the mediating role of self-esteem.
Do Depression and Low Self-Esteem Follow Abortion Among Adolescents? Evidence from a National Study.
Relationship Between Self-esteem and Academic Achievement Amongst Pre-University Students.
Characteristics Associated with Low Self-esteem among U.S. Adolescents.


The relationships among self-esteem, stress, coping, eating behavior, and depressive mood in adolescents.
Self-esteem and resilience: The connection with risky behavior among adolescents
The influence of childhood obesity on the development of self-esteem.
Self-esteem and health-risk behaviors among Turkish late adolescents


Health Behavior and Academic Achievement Among Adolescents: The Relative Contribution of Dietary Habits, Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, and Self-Esteem.
Trumping Shame by Blasts of Noise: Narcissism, Self-Esteem, Shame, and Aggression in Young Adolescents.
Low self-esteem prospectively predicts depression in adolescence and young adulthood.


The Developmental Costs of High Self-Esteem for Antisocial Children.
The impact of hope, self-esteem, and attributional style on adolescents’ school grades and emotional well-being.


Low self-esteem during adolescence predicts poor health, criminal behavior, and limited economic prospects during adulthood.
The contribution of peer and media influences to the development of body satisfaction and self-esteem in young girls.


Exploding the Self-Esteem Myth.
Actual/Ideal Body Images of High School Girls and how it affects their Self-Esteem: Implications for educational and clinical institutions.

The Costly Pursuit of Self-Esteem.

Does High Self-Esteem Cause Better Performance, Interpersonal Success, Happiness, or Healthier Lifestyles?



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