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Local SHEU survey results balance newspaper anecdotes

A school, involved with the Health-Related Behaviour Questionnaire (HRBQ) from the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU), have been able to reassure their pupils, staff, parents and governors following a recent media report.

A newspaper article reported on anxiety-related disorders that can affect teenage girls. Using hard data from their own HRBQ, the school could compare their results with a wider sample.

For example, the SHEU 2012 wider sample (shown below in brackets), from over 34,000 12-15 year-old girls in 507 schools across England, was used to show that :

“Our girls were far less likely to skip breakfast 7% (16%).
Our girls were far less likely to skip lunch 7% (17%).
Our girls are a little more likely to want to lose weight: for Year 8 - 58% (54%) and for Year 10 - 70% (63%).

Despite this, our girls are far less likely to worry about their weight (16% vs 55%).”

To discover how your school can benefit from SHEU data please email: Angela Balding

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