David McGeorge - E&H Editor, Manager of Marketing and Publications

David came to SHEU in 2000 after working and gaining professional and academic qualifications in: health, research, education and marketing.

He was responsible for the unique monthly #SHEUres Health and Wellbeing Research News emails and their archives.  An audit, with education and health professionals, showed that the research emails were highly praised. Other marketing activities included developing the customer database, web site, updating the resources and direct-mail approaches (for example SHEUNews and the Health Research postcard series), that attract people from around the world who are interested in the work of SHEU.

David edited, published and marketed the quarterly online open access journal Education and Health. Feedback from contributors show they have a positive experience, would recommend the journal to other potential contributors and find the editor to be efficient and helpful. David also managed the annual Young People in... report, the Trends series, SHEUBytes, the SHEU Literature Search Resource and an occasional monograph.





Comments about SHEU

Thank you for following up with schools the comments that caused concern. It is very sad to hear that some of our children have these thoughts and feelings and I am so grateful that you were able to make the schools aware of this so that they can attempt to offer some support.

This is another reason why I am so pleased that we have been able to work with you to offer this survey.

Health and Wellbeing Adviser

"The service you provide is of national significance." Health Development Agency

Health Development Agency

"SHEU data proved the best source of the kind of information we were looking for (...) to provide research support to the National Healthy Schools Programme." 

Department of Health

"Over the last twenty years you have achieved much. The surveys and subsequent reports have painted the clearest picture we have of what young people are doing and what they think." OFSTED 1998


"We never make a move without looking at these excellent reports." Public Health Consultant

Public Health Consultant

"...the only question to cause a problem was 'has everyone got a pen?" Supervisor's notes following a school survey

Supervisor's Notes

"I really think that the HRBQ is a wonderful piece of work in terms of getting useful information for so many different organisations in one go." Healthy Children's Research and Statistics Officer

Research and Statistics Officer

"The children found the survey very interesting and enjoyed doing it." Class Teacher

Class teacher

"The data from last time were spot-on and we have done lots of work with it. We are very keen to repeat the survey." Headteacher


"The data for (us) are very useful ... This is especially important when evaluating the impact of interventions regarding alcohol or other areas, as the survey data are likely to provide an earlier indication than routine data sources."

Specialist Registrar in Public Health