Bullying is a current major concern following recent severe damage to young people at school.

Our surveys, which are used nationwide (and beyond), show quite a range of levels of behaviour from community to community and from school to school. Included in the data collected are levels of fear of being bullied at school, and hence fear of going to school.

In this web site we publish a recent set of results from many schools across a wide area. The levels in your school and linked schools, (e.g. the feeder primary schools to the “fed” secondary school) can provide objective evidence to support action to manage this dimension of school life. Examination of the results at parents' evenings, although very challenging and demanding of political skill, can be very constructive.

This page links with one of the eight page reports mentioned above. Examining the report reveals the wide range of behaviours measured in our surveys. The data from the surveys in the first instance belong to the schools. Typically the schools are supported by Primary Care Trusts and by Local Education Authorities, and by one another.

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Individual schools get their own detailed results separating boys and girls and in different year groups. Hundreds of schools are involved each year possibly including your local school. The linked report is very general and shows the combined results together with the range of information collected from the many communities involved.

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Note: It is not unusual for the levels of a behaviour holding high media profile to be discovered as being less than the media presentations would suggest. The surveys are very useful to provide an objective view of the situation that exists where you live.