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Since 2002, over 210,000 12-15 year olds have told SHEU about their attitudes to lessons.
Do you think 15%, 25% or 35% of pupils report enjoying ‘most’ school lessons?
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This free service first developed in January 2006 and grew from SHEU's health and wellbeing research work with children and young people.
Now, each month, SHEU provide links to research abstracts and complete articles about 5-11, 11-16 and 16+ year olds.
For example :
Evaluation of a 5-year School-based County-wide Smoking Education Programme.
... and ...
Childhood aerobic fitness predicts cognitive performance one year later.
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"Many teenagers do not believe they are getting enough sleep to remain alert at school and stay healthy, research suggests. It reveals girls are more concerned about their sleeping habits than boys, and that youngsters are more likely to say they are not getting enough as they get older."

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 11:09

The likely impact of plain packaging of tobacco products on young people
Australia's highest court has upheld a new government law on mandatory packaging for cigarettes that removes brand colours and logos from packaging (BBC)
What evidence supports the law? ...
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Around 54% of 14-15 year olds don't know if there is a locally available birth control service for young people.
This is one of the findings from the SHEU report, Young People into 2012.
Follow the link below to find results from 1993 -
Young people’s knowledge of local birth control services

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Chat messages…online pictures…chatting online : data from Young People into 2012.
Just one of 50 new research links about 5-11 year olds from SHEU's monthly, research emails.
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SHEU : nationally-recognised, since 1977,
as the specialist provider of reliable local survey data for schools and colleges

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Dr David Regis, SHEU's Research Manager, has been examining some data from SHEU's latest report,


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Thanks for visiting possibly the best source for research about young people's health and wellbeing.
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The report, Young People into 2012, is a unique contemporary archive of young people from the Schools Health Education Unit. There are over 100 health-related behaviour questions and answers from over 31,000 youngsters between the ages of 10 and 15. They tell us about what they do at home, at school, and with their friends. The data have been collected from primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom. The report is the 26th in the series.
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Education and Health (E&H) has been published by SHEU since 1983. The journal is now open-access and online.
Latest (30:2) articles:


Comments about SHEU

"It's good to talk with you again - we used so much of those data and did so much with it in schools - we really got the place buzzing!"

Consultant in Public Health

"Please send an additional copy of our report - it is the most requested and borrowed item in the whole library." Health Promotion Unit

Health Promotion Unit

"This is amazing! Thank you." (school report)


"Every school involved in the National Healthy School programme should start with an HRBQ survey." Health Education Co-ordinator

Health Education Co-ordinator

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work regarding writing and compiling the sex education survey. The survey was well executed and the schools have found their individual reports very helpful. The results of the survey have enabled the Local Campaign Group to justify the need for young men's campaigns and given us invaluable insight as to the thoughts and experiences of this target group."

Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Manager

"The Health Related Behaviour Survey is an incredibly useful resource for (us) as it provides schools, with invaluable data which can inform curriculum content, methods of lesson delivery and empower schools to better meet the needs of their pupils."

Health Education Advisor

"This week I have been working on a major strategy for service design -- it is easy to get solely focussed on hospitals, performance targets, and work force planning -- all very important; but at the same the needs of young people and how we need to work across agencies to address the health needs of today and tomorrow must be recognised. SHEU is founded to do just this."

PCT Performance Manager

"The Unit produces an invaluable body of knowledge... providing exceptional information across time and throughout the country." Kelloggs


"This is an excellent way of keeping up to date belt and braces style."

School Drugs Advisor

"I would like to say how much we appreciated the work you and your team have put in to this project, a big thank you for the excellent reports that you have completed on our behalf." Assistant Director of Public Health

Assistant Director of Public Health