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The SHEU Sex Education Literature search was first published in July - link here
Here are a few more links to articles that will be added to the above 'one of these days' -

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 16:02

The latest issue of the journal Education and Health is published.
Visit the webpage, read the articles and look through the archives.
Follow this link

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 10:01

"Evaluation of a campaign to improve awareness and attitudes of young people towards mental health issues" is featured from the many new links in SHEU's research news about 16+ year olds.
Read more research news about Food, SRE, Drugs, Health, Exercise etc. and join the research email lists via this link

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 16:05

SHEU have been talking to young people, about their health and wellbeing, for over 30 years. The results from the HRBQ are used by health and education authorities to inform their planning. Questions about visiting the doctor were asked in schools from the early 1980s. Responses from over 400,000 12-15 year olds cover issues about frequency of visits and feeling at ease. Discover the details

Friday, November 9, 2012 - 16:01

SHEU (Schools Health Education Unit) regularly find relevant research items for those concerned with the health and wellbeing of young people.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 10:01

"Food logos, brain regions and motivation" - just one of over 50 new links in SHEU's research news about 11-16 year olds.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 10:00

Education and Health (E&H) is an open access journal aimed at those concerned with the health and wellbeing of young people. Readers come from a broad background and include: teachers, lecturers, professors, health-care professionals and many more working in education and health settings. The journal is also read by those who commission and carry out health education programmes with young people.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 15:58

Since 1991, the Schools Health Education Unit have asked over 477,000 young people about their fitness.
To discover what they said follow this link

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 13:19

I was contacted today by a journalist regarding a story about a young woman in the public eye who has had liposuction, and I was asked what I thought. This is based on my reply. I'm not going to link to the piece, for reasons that will become clear below.
We have some possibly relevant statistics:

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 09:10

"Physical activity interventions have little effect on the overall activity of children" is just one of over 50 new links available on the SHEU research news about 5-11 yr olds page


Comments about SHEU

Any comments on specific survey questions that may have caused difficulty?
Pupils at our primary school found the questionnaire very easy to understand and most of them completed the questions in less than 45min.


Please could our College be part of the SHEU survey this academic year? We did it in 2016 and 2017 and found it incredibly informative and it helped us shape our PSHE provision.

Assistant Principal

My school took part in the Health Survey last year and found it incredibly beneficial. It has been an invaluable tool for planning our PSHE/well being provision and actioning our school development plan.

Primary School Wellbeing Lead

"We're very happy to commission another survey from you. Our colleagues in School Improvement are dead keen to work with us on this. During our last LA Inspection, we were flagged from our Tellus data as having a bullying problem. We could demonstrate with our SHEU data - which had a much better sample size and coverage of the authority - that we did not have the problem they suggested. The Inspectors went away happy and we are definitely surveying again with SHEU."

Local Authority Senior Adviser

"The credit goes to you for the fabulous information the survey yields!"

Assistant Director Schools and SEN

Many thanks to you and your team for turning this around so quickly.
We really appreciate it, and also your extra support with the administration this time.

PSHE Lead Advisor

"I very much value the contribution the Health Related Behaviour Survey has made to the public health agenda and feel confident it will continue to do so." Tribute from a Director of Public Health to John Balding, presented at his retirement lunch, May 2005

Director of Public Health

"We would like to take part in the next ECM survey. We have found the data produced invaluable for supporting evidence in our SEF etc."

School Vice Principal

"Many thanks to SHEU for your excellent professional support over the years."

PSHE teacher

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work regarding writing and compiling the sex education survey. The survey was well executed and the schools have found their individual reports very helpful. The results of the survey have enabled the Local Campaign Group to justify the need for young men's campaigns and given us invaluable insight as to the thoughts and experiences of this target group."

Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Manager