November 2011

SHEU response to PSHE review

We've just sent off our submission to the PSHE review (last day if you have not!).

Here is ours:


Some others (maybe drafts):

Young people, smoking and the influence of lessons

New research conducted on behalf of Department of Health reveals the anti-smoking attitudes of children.

PSHE lessons in school are usually the place where pupils find out information about many health issues including smoking.  The PSHE Association rightly point to the good work being done in PSHE to achieve this result.

Young people in the news

I was in Guernsey yesterday talking with press, politicians and other movers and shakers about a largely positive survey of parents and carers:


It included, as it happens, some questions about how young people are portrayed in the news media.  When I arrived, my host Alun Williams showed me a wince-making news story that we feared might come up in questions:

"Students and mental health" - from the SHEU research resource

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"Students and mental health" appeared in October on the NHS Health News website. The authors analysed a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.